It's going well.

They had poor crops year after year.

I have a right to be in there.

My father has a habit of reading the newspaper before breakfast.

I don't know what went wrong.

Maurice was sent to prison.

I took Sorrel's blood pressure.

The project is more than two years behind schedule.


I haven't eaten anything except one slice of bread all day.

You were pushy.

She let Carsten go.

Vegemite is a popular Australian foodstuff.

"Can I ask you for a bit of a favor?" "It depends on what the favor is."

She's bipolar.

It rained during the whole meeting.

I have a package in my car for Marcel.

I hate cats.

Mark said he didn't want to waste time arguing.

You finally succeeded in getting a job.

Bart and Marsh are waiting for you in the lobby.

This is a book about England.

What exactly do you want me to buy?

Ji talked me into it.

I am not a lawyer.

What is your favourite number?

We have a deal, right?

Gigi is happily married to Rodney.


The walls are covered with blood.


Rudolf eats asparagus, but his brother doesn't.

The sky seemed to blend with the sea.

I've noticed that having fun doesn't interfere at all with your studies. I just can't.

The monkey dances for money.

They're all right.

They don't pay me attention.

Yvonne scared me.

I will go if I must.

The time has come for mankind to put an end to the madness and immorality of the arms race.

This book is meant for children.

My friend is really a clown.


Hey, Ayako! Please speak louder.

Don't struggle.

It's completely illogical. It wasn't as if I was shouting outside while drunk.

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Don't say anything to the international press.

This is ours.

Every fox praises its tail.


I've tried everything I know of.


She went to the house several times.


Have you ever been to Australia?

I'll call if I hear anything.

Anderson pressed the pause button.

Here's your bag.

That should take about thirty minutes.

If only you work sincerely, you will be trusted.

A dachshund is a dog from Germany with a very long body and short legs.

And Pilate having seen that it profiteth nothing, but rather a tumult is made, having taken water, he did wash the hands before the multitude, saying, 'I am innocent from the blood of this righteous one.'

David Beckham is a good footballer.

Man can do what he wants but he cannot want what he wants.

My home is big.


I'll take my revenge on him at all costs tomorrow.

Isn't today your birthday?

Matthias majored in Fine Arts.

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I seriously doubt that.

Thirteen people were wounded.

Let's talk quietly so we don't wake the baby.


Case was holding something in his right hand.


Louis and Paul both competed for Graeme's heart.


The film I told you about has been released.

It's our only chance.

I just can't stop worrying about Timothy.

Sho is just a baby.

I couldn't help but fall in love with you.

They must die.

I've finally got used to urban life.

I will get revenge for this insult, you can be sure of that!

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.

She was already in love with him.

I sneeze all the time.

He was sent for and had to go.

I told it to my friends.

Archie is unscrupulous.

I only wish to speak with you calmly.

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It looks like you went for a swim.

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She advised him to save money.

I always knew you were going to be successful one day.

Penny never works on Sunday.

He's the one, isn't he?

Anything might happen, so be careful.

Just don't drop it.

You've made me feel a lot better.

I thought if I broke up with you, I'd never have to see you again.

Analgesics may be used if pain is severe.

Dalton scored the first goal of the game.

Please don't cry.


Stephe could barely hear what Old was trying to say.


You should try not to scratch insect bites.

Evelyn asked me what I thought was going to happen.

You have to respect your elders.

Dan didn't say anything about his past.

May I come in?

How would we do that?

Have you ever seen Kemal when he's mad?

Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to penetrate the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and travel to the outer regions of the solar system.

Summer vacation is near. Can you think of a good place for the holidays?

They're leaving.

John has been painting the door.

You think I kissed Spike, don't you?

From that day on, he'll never say hello to me again.

As it is cold, you may keep your overcoat on.

Missouri was part of the Louisiana territory.


He's had many unhappy experiences.


You never told us why you left Boston.

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Maybe something's wrong with me.

An old belief is sometimes still widely current.

I wish you could stay the night.

It is the first time I have seen such a gorgeous room.

If you do not go fishing tomorrow, I will not either.


He likes to play soccer.

But there was one curious circumstance.

Cool down.

If you try that again, I won't tolerate it.

There were several rooms still vacant.

His business is doing well.

I don't think I've ever hated anyone so much.

You will be in charge of the babies in this room.

Let me know the instant Graham arrives.

I got in a car accident.

I have an ever growing list of to-do items.

We live in a complicated world.

Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

Nepal is currently the only country with a non-rectangular national flag.

"What's the difference between erotic and kinky?" "Erotic is when you use a feather and kinky is when you use a whole chicken."

You want answers, don't you?

The brave knight saved the beautiful princess from the evil dragon.

Did you hear a knock?

I don't want to eat sausage for lunch, because I prefer meat with potatoes.

The food was better in prison.

Actually, I don't like the way your hair is done.

The two houses stand side by side.

Josip says that Andrew spends his money a little too freely.

Why do you always speak to me in English? Is it because I'm a foreigner?

The total came to ten dollars.


I've smelled this smell somewhere before.

He cannot afford a holiday.

There's no permanent damage.

I've never heard my mother sing a song.

The book is also available in Portuguese.

List isn't family.

You really didn't know, did you?

She turned 16 years old.

He's not an American, but he likes America.

My husband's been my rock during these last few months.

There's no room for us to sit down.

This is way more than we need.

Pizza is a pie chart that updates in real time showing how much pizza you have left.

Curt sat in his beanbag chair.

Don't be a backseat driver.

Best wishes!

Very many people know him.

It is unlikely that she succeeded.

They did not go to sleep until the early hours of the morning.


Do you know how much sugar Ralf bought?


Her father works at the bank.


I didn't realize you were interested in it.

I could've sworn I saw something.

Becky is quite unsophisticated.

Subra said he'd love to go to Boston with us in October.

I've never heard Donal speaking French before.

It seems that Cliff only eats fruits and vegetables.

I owe what I am to my mother.

If only time could pass a little faster.

On August 19, 1960, the Soviet spacecraft Korabyl-Sputnik 2 carried two dogs (named Belka (Squirrel) and Strelka (Little Arrow)) into space and returned them safely to Earth.

Why don't you tell me what you're doing here?

Because it is there.

We're never going to make it.

To investigate the incident would take us at least three weeks.